Duuuuuude! I'm all about child themes now.

I had some difficulty creating child themes. I followed https://cyberchimps.com/guide/child-theme-example/ to create child themes for my WP install. the tutorial is missing one thing--

@import url("../twentyfifteen/style.css");

Adding this to the style.css links the parent css to the child theme. You'd have to replace "twentyfifteen" with the folder of the parent.

I just got done watching Ms. Oprah's speech on CNN.

There are times when it just seems like the world is dark. Like nothing good will happen. But then you're reminded that the human condition is about striving to be more than what we are.

One day we'll be all be better. It'll take a lot of work... a lot of shedding our egos... and removing what makes us comfortable but we'll be better.

Sometimes history is made by the winners. Other times, history is made by the best in humanity.

Ello.co, when it first came out, offered an alternative to Facebook. I signed up as soon as I heard about it then I forgot about it.

I've reinvested my time in the social network and Oh MY God! The ART! It's turned into a brilliant art network! It's inspiring to see so much artwork from around the world.

I'm there, on Ello, for the pictures. It's a welcome balance to the negative news I read.

This is one of my favorite arrangements of the Lion King's Circle of Life- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI1cEWEtJw4

The Lion King is one of the few Disney movies I enjoy. It's just a beautiful movie. I hope one day that the play will come to Portland so I can watch it.

I'm giving The ComiX Scene one last shot. I've tried numerous attempts at creating an indie comic site and they've all failed. But I'm trying one more time.

I got my old Arts Instruction Schools books sitting in storage. The AIS is no longer open so I think I'll try to convert some of them to comic lessons. I'm not exactly sure how I am going to do that.